Welcoming Gustav Taxén to the team

February 02, 2018

We are delighted to welcome Gustav Taxén to GEISTT AB, in the role as system developer.

Gustav Taxén is a meticulous software developer with a strong interest in Human-Computer Interaction. Gustav received his Ph.D. (on the topic of user-oriented design of interactive museum installations) from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 2005 and advanced to assistant professor of visualisation in 2009. He left academia in 2011 to become an Engineering Group Manager at Propellerhead Software (www.propellerheads.se), where he supervised the development of the plug-in SDK for the company’s flagship product. In 2015, he switched role to Data Scientist and managed the design and implementation of Propellerhead’s data collection pipeline. Gustav has also worked in the video game industry in various roles, including Paradox Interactive as a technical specialist, and Avalanche Studios as producer, lead programmer, and scrum master. His current employment is as Senior Consultant at FindOut Technologies, with GEISTT as one of clients of his expertise.